After many years working in Hawaii installing DIRECTV for residential and commercial I found out that most customers have the same questions.  Here is a list of all the questions I’ve answered in the last 8 years.


How big is DIRECTV dish in Hawaii?

DIRECTV Hawaii dish is 1.2 meter or 4 feet in diameter, its made out of fiber glass, color white and in a oval shape.

How can I find if I have line of sight in Hawaii?

Because of Hawaii location, the line of sight is very low, we are at 23 degrees East from the horizon.  In other words, if you can see the sun between 8:30 – 9:30am, your probabilities are very high for having DIRECTV in your home or business.

How many Directv satellite dishes do I need here in Hawaii?

Depends on your programing.  Most customers only need (1) 1.2 meter dish for English programing in HD.  (2) 1.2 meter dishes are required for adding languages such as Spanish and Chinese, and other specialized channels. There is a 36″ satellite dish required for Filipino, Brazilian and Korean.

How many types of DIRECTV mounts are available?

There are 3 types of mounts. (1) Roof mount, (2) Non penetration mount, and (3) Pole mount.

I live in a condominium / building, Can I have DIRECTV?

First, we need to determine if there is line of sight, then your property manager / owner needs to approve the install.  DIRECTV has a program for multi-dwelling units (MDU), Cabling Hawaii will negotiate your DIRECTV installation in your building / condominium.

Is it safe to install DIRECTV 1.2 Meter dish on a roof?

Yes, it is safe if its properly installed.  Roof mount needs to be installed with lag bolts and sealed with bishop’s tape.  Technician needs to drill through your roof and hit 3 structural beam to install your mount correctly.


Can I erase the informercial channels from my guide?

Yes, you will need to create a custom channel guide from your receiver menu.

Can I see all the local channels in Hawaii with DIRECTV?

No.  All mayor networks are included in the local channels such as FOX, NBC, ABC, etc. But channels like OC16 and korean soup operas are not included.

How many channels can I see in HD with DIRECTV?

Over 200 channels in 1080p. DIRECTV has also 3D channels and 4K channels


Who do I call when my Directv service is down?

If your Directv service is down, you should call 1-800-531-5000.  If your installation was done my us “Satellite TV Hawaii” Please call us and we will take care of your problem within 24-48